One of my favorite conversations to have with potential Archadeck franchisees is when we discuss the support services our amazing team offers to each year. We have an amazing team in place to assist Archadeck franchisees after they launch their locations. From providing marketing assistance to develop their initial and on-going marketing plans to helping them populate their accounting software and learn how to use several of our sales tools. We have teams of people who work every day helping our valued Archadeck franchisees grow and operate their businesses. I am always so happy to hear the different stories from our operational support teams during our weekly meetings.

This past week during one of our update meetings our Archadeck Director of Support, Spencer Monroe shared a recap of his recent visit to Portland, OR. Spencer travelled to Portland following the Archadeck Mid-year meeting in Nashville, to provide a pre-training and site visit with our newest Archadeck Franchisee Eric Fahland.

Eric is currently in Richmond, VA attending the Archadeck University training program and will launch his Archadeck location in December. As part of the initial training program our support team members meet with the new franchisees to meet with local building departments to review their permitting process and local building requirements. This is a way for us not only to introduce our new franchise operators to the building permit process but also review sample Archadeck plans with the local offices to ensure we not only meet but exceed their requirements to maintain excellent service from coast to coast.

This offers great insight and assistance to the franchisee and is a way we work to stay ahead of our competitors. In addition to meeting with local building departments and discussing the permitting process in depth with Eric, Spencer also traveled with Eric to introduce him to local vendors.

Unlike other franchise concepts, Archadeck franchisees work with local vendors for lumber and hardscape materials. Typical and Archadeck client will chose materials that represent their local landscaping and local vendors are often family owned businesses. Spencer was able to introduce Eric to several local vendors and together they laid the foundation for a very prosperous relationship.

In addition to visiting local vendors and building departments, Spencer also provided assistance to Eric by reviewing insurance and business requirements to make sure that Eric was ready to hit the ground running upon his graduation of the Archadeck University training program.The pre-training site visit is a fantastic way for our support teams to get know our newest franchisees. I know Spencer enjoyed his visit with Eric and will certainly look forward to assisting him as he launches his business later this year.

Check out some of the pictures from Spencer’s trip to Portland below and stay tuned to learn more about the Archadeck University training program in our next blog!

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