Did you know that two million decks are built and replaced every year in the United States, but only about 40 percent of all existing decks are considered completely safe according to home inspection experts. Deck collapses have caused over 1,000 injuries and 33 deaths over the past 6 years. At Archadeck Outdoor Living our franchisees know that building structurally sound decks is of the utmost importance. Our franchisees pride themselves on providing quality craftsmanship with impeccable attention to detail. Archadeck decks are built to be 40-60% safer than what local building codes require, we want our valued clients and their families to be able to enjoy your their outdoor space without concern for their safety.

But for those consumers who may have a deck built by a company other than Archadeck Outdoor Living our amazing franchisees offer Deck Safety Inspections to ensure that all consumers may enjoy their time outdoors with peace of mind for their safety. Archadeck franchisees follow the BE SAFER method when providing a safety inspection.


Archadeck franchisees will inspect the condition of the deck boards. Keeping a close eye on the natural cracks and splits and splintering wood ensuring that each board is safe to walk on.

Every ConnectionArchadeck franchisees know that a variety of metal hardware, fasteners and connectors are use to create a continuous pathway and ensure stability and safety. During a safety inspection Archadeck franchisees will review the condition of the hardware to ensure nothing needs replacement. Our franchisees will also make sure that the right hardware was used during the initial construction.

StructureArchadeck franchisees will review the posts, beams and joists to ensure there is no sagging and the structural framework is sound and stable.

AttachmentThe attachment of the deck to a home (at an area called the house band) is the area where most deck failures occur. Archadeck franchisees pay special attention to this area to make sure that the deck is properly attached to the house band with appropriate screws or bolts and that it is properly flashed for water protection.

Foundation/FootingsThe foundation / footings receive and support the weight (also known as the load) on a deck and the columns that bear on them. A footing that is sinking may cause a noticeable sag in an area or a column separating from a beam. Our franchisees make sure that the foundation and footings are sound to support the weight of your outdoor furniture, grills and family.

ExitsArchadeck franchisees review the areas where guests may exit from the deck. Ensuring that any stairs or walkways are in tip top shape and that any stringers, treads and risers are in good condition.

RailsThe condition of the railings and posts are very important to ensure there are no falls. By checking the condition of the railing materials as well as ensuring any pickets/balusters are properly fastened and spaced no more than four inches apart is the final step in any safety inspection.

Deck safety is very important to ensuring a carefree evening with family and friends and is also a great added service our franchisees provide consumers every day.

To learn how you can become an Archadeck franchisee and begin ensuring the safety of your friends and neighbors call us today. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you as you explore the potential of an Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise.

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