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Archadeck Rolls Out New Technology for Franchisees

Outdoor Living Brands, parent company of Archadeck Outdoor Living, is excited to introduce the rollout of an exciting new tool that will make franchisee lives easier! The Archadeck logbook.

Rather than spending time logging jobs at home and then submitting them through the corporate office, the logbook permits franchisees to submit jobs from anywhere and everywhere! As long as a team member has internet connection, they can access the Logbook and get their job in the queue. Instead of worrying about uploading their various files in a multitude of different places, logbook allows franchisees to upload all relevant documents and photos to one place.

After submitting the necessary forms for a job, franchisees can keep track of each job’s status all the way from pre-check to completion. They will receive notifications once a job gets accepted and can check up on any project’s status at any time. This additional transparency during the various project stages will keep team members in the loop throughout the entire process. Additionally, should any questions or concerns come up, logbook provides users with an easy form of communication for any questions or concerns on any ongoing project.

The logbook is just one example of jobs and processes created to make it easier for franchisees to communicate with corporate and receive expedited support.

If you are interested in joining a brand that is always actively investing and creating tools to facilitate our franchisee’s day-to-day activities, Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise might be an excellent opportunity for you. If you have ever considered franchising with Archadeck Outdoor Living or would like to learn more, please call us today! We are always here to help answer any questions you may have.

Have you seen the difference?

Archadeck Outdoor Living is thrilled to announce the release of NEW web series, Archadeck The Substantial Series.

In this four part web series prospective Archadeck Franchisees and Clients alike will be able to see the Archadeck design and construction process from start to finish.
Over the next four weeks we will release each episode right here on our blog so make sure you come back every week for the next and exciting installment.

Are you ready?

Archadeck The Substantial Difference – Episode 1

The Archadeck Client Experience
In the first episode of Archadeck The Substantial Difference, you will meet the Bravman family and see the unlikely way they connected with Ben Wood from Archadeck Outdoor Living who designed and built their custom deck. Hear first hand about their experience with Archadeck and how their project got their neighbors thinking about a project of their own.

For the love of VIDEO!

One of the best ways to share news and information with prospective Archadeck franchisees is through video. Today I was combing the Archadeck video archives and came across this little beauty.
In 2014 we ran the Archadeck Dream Backyard Makeover contest to try and increase brand awareness and drum up new leads and sales for the Archadeck franchise system.
In this video the grand prize winners are revealed by Archadeck of Central Iowa ’s owner, Harold Cross.

Check it out today and see how much fun it is to operate an Archadeck Outdoor Living Franchise!

Archadeck launches new video series for future franchisees

Earlier this year during the 2015 Outdoor Living Brands Annual Convention I had the great honor of interviewing existing Archadeck Outdoor Living Franchisees from all over North America.
My goal was to learn three important items I could share with future Archadeck Outdoor Living prospects.

I wanted to learn;

  1. Why they chose to invest in an Archadeck Franchise?
  2. What advice they have for prospective Archadeck Franchisees?
  3. How the Archadeck Outdoor Living/Outdoor Living Brands support team has impacted their growth?

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a new video with you right here on our blog. But you may also visit/subscribe to the Outdoor Living Brands You tube channel to watch these and all of the great video assets today!

Archadeck University kicks off the first training class of 2015

Today is a very special here at Archadeck Living! Today marks the first day of our first training class of 2015 and we are thrilled to welcome our newest franchisees to Richmond, VA.

Archadeck Outdoor Living is proud to be a World Class franchise and strives to provide our franchisees with the very best training and support. When looking to launch a new business there are several things a new business own has to be prepared for. One of the main reasons many entrepreneurs look to franchising versus launching their own business is the time tested tools, processes and procedures that are in place to serve as a turn-key opportunity.

At Archadeck, we spend three full weeks with new (and even existing) franchisees with our annual Archadeck University training programs. Over the next three weeks we will follow our newest group of franchisees as they navigate through the Archadeck U curriculum.

Today, our newest batch of franchisees had the pleasure of spending the morning with Outdoor Living Brands CEO and COO, Chris Grandpre and Scott Zide. Chris and Scott spend a great deal of time with our newest franchisees and enjoy sharing Outdoor Living Brands’ Visions, Values and Expectations for the coming years. Chris and Scott do a great job of exciting new franchisees and the morning session was incredible!

After the morning session, our incredibly talented IT support team came in to walk our franchisees through their technology resources. Pamela Leur and Amanda Berdeen cover everything from setting up your Archadeck email to managing your leads in the CRM software. Amanda and Pamela are the Outdoor Living Brands IT gurus and are always very patient and kind when explaining or fixing any technical issues.

So what’s on the docket for tomorrow? Business Management training with Oudoor Living Brands’ CFO, Corey Schroeder and Accounting Coordinator, Alex Waterfield!

A visit in Wilmington

We all know that one of the main reasons to join a franchise is the level of support you will receive as you begin. At Archadeck Outdoor Living initial and ongoing to support of our franchisees is our main goal and objective. In addition to the usual marketing, accounting and drafting and design services we provide it is our field support that really sets us apart from our competitors.

You may recall reading about Chris and AJ Purvis (Archadeck of Cape Fear) in one of our earlier blogs. Chris is a retired Air Force Captain and Pilot. Chris and AJ were looking for a new adventure to embark on that would also give them the opportunity to relocate to live nearer to friends and family. They officially opened their Archadeck Outdoor Living location in Wilmington in August of last year. Over the past few months the couple has spent time visiting and networking with area professionals and implementing their launch marketing plan.

Their marketing tactics have helped create a buzz in the Wilmington market and as a result Chris has had several proposal visits with area clients; which is what lead our Director of Field Support, Spencer Monroe to travel from Richmond down to Wilmington last week. Spencer had the pleasure of spending two days on site with Chris and AJ to review and assist them with some of the key aspects of their operations.
Spencer reviewed and discussed the local building codes and the Archadeck drafting information sheet with Chris in great detail. The Archadeck drafting information sheet is something we require all franchisees to fill out in order to ensure that our drafting department has all of the proper building requirements on file. This also ensures that any drafting and design services completed by the drafting department in Richmond will be drafted properly with both the Archadeck Outdoor Living and local requirements met.

Afterwards, Spencer and Chris had a chance to review a proposal for a very important client in the Wilmington area. Spencer was able to offer Chris sales tips and techniques and serve as a sounding board before heading out to meet with Chris’s potential client.

The visit went extremely well and Chris even had a chance to show off his newly acquired skills operating the SoftPlan software the Archadeck franchise system utilizes.

If you are looking for a new adventure similar to Chris and AJ please do not hesitate to call or email us anytime. We are always happy to discuss how an Archadeck franchise could help you achieve your personal professional goals in the years to come!

Retired Marine, Kyle Faulkner featured on the December Cover of Veterans in Franchising

What an exciting week it has been here at Archadeck Outdoor Living… Our newest batch of franchisees is back in Richmond attending their third (and final) week of the Archadeck University training program.
In addition to all of the excitement surrounding training, our very own Archadeck of Raleigh-Durham franchisee, Kyle Faulkner was featured on the December cover of Veterans in Franchising. Veterans in Franchising is a publication released in concert with Franchising USA. The magazine focuses solely on veterans in the franchising industry, including opportunities, topics and stories where veterans have found success with franchising.

Kyle’s story shares his passion and family history in the construction realm as well as his time in the United States Marine Corps. You can read the full feature by visiting the Veterans in Franchising website.

If you are interested in learning more about our World Class Franchise or any of the veteran discounts and incentives we offer, give us a call today! I would love to discuss how an Archadeck may be the perfect fit for you as well.

Giving Thanks...

We are a few short days away from celebrating Thanksgiving…For me that means two things; Time off to spend with family and friends and football! But as I look forward to Thursday and the big game at 4:30, I also am reminded on all that I have to be thankful for this year. This year I am most thankful for the amount of new relationships that I have been able to create with our newest franchisees.

Archadeck Outdoor Living is thrilled to welcome 5 great new locations to our family this year with quite a few scheduled and ready for their February training and 2015 launch. With new locations opening in Portland and Salt Lake City our reach across the country is expanding. A few years ago I had the pleasure of working with the Martins out of Ventura County, California. The Martin family was my first closure on the West Coast and we are thrilled to add two additional locations this year.

We also welcomed a new franchisee in Baton Rouge, Louisiana making Dirk our first in the Bayou State. Dirk along with Russell from Nashville, TN will graduate from the Archadeck University Training program next week. Both Dirk and Russell look forward to launching their businesses in 2015 and I look forward to watching their progress and success in the coming year.

Which leads me to Chris and AJ Purvis out of Wilmington, NC; Chris and AJ are a fantastic husband and wife team who joined our family this year after Christ retired from the armed forces. Chris and AJ were one of the many new veteran franchisees we welcomed to our Outdoor Living Brands family this year as a result of our Veteran Awareness Campaign.
Which leads me to what I am most thankful of this year…I am thankful to have the opportunity to work for a company like Outdoor Living Brands and work with such extraordinary professionals each and every day. From our amazing team here in Richmond to the individual franchise locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is their stories and successes that I have the honor of sharing every day. I am thankful for having been able to launch and manage our Veteran Awareness Campaign and not only attend several recruitment events throughout the country but work alongside companies that focus on assisting transitioning veterans. I am grateful that our efforts have helped over 10 individuals realize their dream of business ownership as a result of our campaign. I am thankful and forever grateful for their service and dedication to our nation’s freedoms and look forward to assisting them as they enter their next chapters.

From all of us here at Archadeck Outdoor Living, we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. To our men and women in uniform overseas and here at home…Thank you!

Archadeck adds two new locations

As a franchise recruitment consultant it is always such a pleasure and joy to announce when we bring on new franchisees. But as I sit here writing today it is rewarding to reflect on our newest franchisees journey. Back in January, I had the pleasure of meeting a husband and wife team in Richmond for their Confirmation Day. Our team loved the couple and we knew they would not only make wonderful franchisees but also great ambassadors for the Outdoor Living Brands code of values. The couple knew Archadeck Outdoor Living was the right business opportunity not only to assist them meet their lifestyle goals but also their professional goals of business ownership. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t quite right and they needed some additional resources to ensure they could properly launch an Archadeck franchise.

As new business owners they made a very strategic and smart decision by the delaying the signing of their franchise agreement. On one hand they knew the territory may not be available and did not want to loose the opportunity but on the other they knew it would not only do harm to them but the Archadeck brand if they were to launch prematurely. We were all thrilled when we recieved the call saying they had finished crosses their t’s and dotting their i’s and were now ready to license the Archadeck franchise. The two are currently attending training here in Richmond, VA and look forward to launching their Archadeck franchise in the beginning of 2015.

Joining our friends in the Archadeck University classroom this week is Dirk D. all the way from Baton Rogue, LA. Dirk came across the Archadeck franchise opportunity on one of the franchise portals. He found the concept unique and interesting and felt like the concept was a good fit for his passion for the outdoors and his building and sales skills. After learning about the brand, Dirk continued his search and began reviewing our websites to take a closer look at the Archadeck franchise system, our parent company and our World Class sister franchises.

It was then when I also received a call from Dirk, I knew immediatly that Dirk was a serious prospect and was thrilled with his enthusiasm and blown away at how well he knew our brands and the process. Throughout that first day, Dirk and I had several conversations regarding the brand and our education and discovery process. Each call he seemed more and more excited to continue on to the next step. Dirk was an ideal candidate for myself and fellow recruiter, Tricia Charles. He was always prepared for each follow up call and spent a great deal of time preparing and researching to ensure that he had all of the information needed to make sure an Archadeck franchise was the right brand for him.

After his Confirmation Day visit we all knew that Dirk was the perfect fit for the Archadeck and Outdoor Living Brands family. We are thrilled to welcome Dirk and our friends from Nashville to the Archadeck franchise system!

If you have ever considered franchising with Archadeck Outdoor Living or would like to learn more, please call us today! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how an Archadeck franchise could be the opportunity you are looking for.

Following up with Mike and Carol Reeder

In our last blog, we shared some great project photos from our amazing franchisees Michael and Carol Reeder. As I mentioned in the last post, Mike and Carol operate Archadeck of Columbus recently took their show on the road to complete a beautiful paver patio project at their family cabin in Canada. Their family cabin overlooks the breathtaking Ottawa River in Ontario across to a provincial park in Quebec.

In the last post I shared some of the photographs of Mike’s initial stages of the project, today I am thrilled not only to share great pictures of the ending stages but Mike’s story as well. I encourage everyone to head on over to Mike’s blog and read how the Archadeck of Columbus team hit the road for Canada to build a truly beautiful paver patio!