Looking to Expand and Diversify Your Existing Decking Company?

Learn How to Expand Your Business by Converting to Our Brand

If you're a business owner in the decking, fencing, or other construction industry sector, you know how hard it is to grow your company and stand out in a competitive market. Instead of endlessly searching for ways to expand your business, it's worth considering converting your business into a home services franchise with Archadeck Outdoor Living.

Integrating Archadeck Outdoor Living services into your current business model can optimize your infrastructure. You’ll diversify your revenue streams while also facilitating cross-promotion opportunities to maximize your marketing and increase client loyalty. 

Leveraging your existing client base, you can effectively introduce our outdoor living projects, broadening your scope within the home services industry. We’ll help you secure more contracts and your client base by positioning your business as a comprehensive custom outdoor design build solution. 

Challenges Independent Businesses Face

Independent business owners can encounter a multitude of operational challenges, with market saturation and intense competition ranking high on the list. As the market becomes increasingly crowded, standing out becomes more arduous, leading to a constant struggle for visibility and market share. 

Scaling operations presents another hurdle for small home services businesses, as independent companies grapple with the complexities of expanding efficiently without compromising quality or customer service. Diversifying product offerings and innovating to meet evolving consumer preferences requires significant resources and strategic foresight. 

As an existing business owner, you know that despite these obstacles, you exhibit a resolute determination to navigate these challenges. Your clear understanding of the landscape and steadfast commitment to overcoming them through ingenuity and perseverance make you a great fit for franchising.

When you convert to an Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise, you’ll have the tools, brand recognition, and support necessary to thrive as a home services franchisee. You’ll maximize efficiency and profits with our tried-and-tested business model, designed to help you optimize fixed costs, enhance profit margins, and implement best practices so you can capitalize on market trends.

The Benefits of Converting to Archadeck Outdoor Living

Converting to an Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise removes many of the issues associated with independent business ownership. Through our established home services franchise opportunity, you’ll gain access to a myriad of benefits that are designed to maximize your efficiency and profits, by allowing you to:

  • Optimize Fixed Costs: Your infrastructure — office space, communication systems, technology — is already established. Introducing an additional revenue stream through Archadeck Outdoor Living projects helps offset these fixed costs, giving you a competitive advantage.
  • Enhance Profit Margins: Outdoor construction offers some of the highest profit margins in the industry. Archadeck Outdoor Living’s median gross profit margins of 37.9% surpass industry standards, ensuring stronger returns on your investment.
  • Implement Best Practices: Access Archadeck Outdoor Living's proven strategies and techniques to streamline operations and enhance the efficiency of your existing business model.
  • Capitalize on Market Trends: With a growing demand for outdoor living spaces fueled by trends like outdoor kitchens, studios, firepits, and more, there's a significant opportunity for expansion. Americans are increasingly investing in outdoor enhancements, providing a lucrative market for your business to tap into repeatedly.
  • Attend Comprehensive Training: At Archadeck University, you’ll learn everything you need to know about running your business as our training program is built around the four key operating systems that comprise our business model: Marketing and Lead Generation; Design, Pricing, and Sales; Construction and Production Management; and Business and Financial Management.
  • Promote Your Business: Enjoy turnkey marketing programs, multiple touch-point lead generation strategies, and execution tactics that are second to none to help promote your business. Our in-house marketing support team employs a robust mix of online advertising, direct mail, and social media to enhance your online visibility and drive lead generation effectively.
  • Engage in Networking Opportunities: Join our brand and become part of a supportive community of experienced business partners. Engage in networking events tailored for franchisees to connect and learn from each other, benefiting from their valuable advice and support gleaned from firsthand franchise ownership experiences.
  • Utilize Innovative Design and Sales Tools: Stand out from other hardscaping contractors with our proven sales process and in-house Drafting Department. Receive stunning 3-D renderings and meticulous building plans that meet local codes, showcasing the latest styles and materials to elevate your projects.
  • Gain Connections for Preferred Suppliers: Access exclusive preferred vendor relationships for outdoor living products and services, offering proprietary rebates and extended warranties. Benefit from top-quality materials from industry leaders like Belgard and Azek, ensuring competitive pricing and quality for your projects.
  • Reach Your Financial Goals: Access our financial benchmarking program to compare your office performance and enhance financial results. Franchising with Archadeck Outdoor Living allows you to adopt best practices, improving profitability and efficiency. Use comparative analysis tools within our network, supported by our franchise team, to address operational improvements.
  • Benefit from Our Proprietary Technology Platform: Our technology platform provides web-based scheduling, online payment support, marketing services, and more. Streamline daily operations, including accounting, pricing, CRM, and workflow management, from client contact to invoicing.
  • Offer Clients Our Comprehensive Warranty and Client Protections: We offer a local written warranty paired with an independent third-party guarantee, ensuring unmatched client protection. Our dedication to warranty assurance distinguishes us in an industry where such guarantees are scarce.
  • Leverage Your Existing Infrastructure: Integrating Archadeck Outdoor Living revenue streams optimizes your corporate infrastructure and expands your client base. Cross-promoting services enhances your "share of the wallet" and attracts new customers. Promoting outdoor living projects diversifies your business and broadens your client demographic, positioning you as a comprehensive service provider.

Build a Future of Opportunity and Prosperity

Archadeck Outdoor Living offers a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by decking companies and other independent businesses. From streamlined marketing strategies and peer-to-peer networking opportunities to access top-quality materials and innovative technology platforms, Archadeck Outdoor Living empowers businesses to thrive in a competitive industry. 

By converting to an Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise, independent businesses can elevate their services and stand out in the market. Partnering with us can help you build a future filled with opportunity and prosperity.

Construct Your Own Success Story: seize the nails and hammer out your future by learning how to expand your business with Archadeck Outdoor Living. Reach out today!

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