Drafting Pros: One Way We Support Your Home Renovation Franchise

Seven Ways We Support Home Renovation Franchise Owners

Balancing client expectations with operational efficiency is a common problem faced by home renovation franchise owners. 

At Archadeck Outdoor Living, we help franchisees overcome industry challenges and achieve success. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have completed nearly $1B in projects throughout the country, making us a dominant force in outdoor living spaces, from decks to pergolas. 

We’ve fine-tuned our business model to make operating an Archadeck business a seamless and rewarding experience. You don't need prior construction experience to start as we’ll teach you everything you need to know to confidently run your business from day one. We believe in teamwork, and just as much as our success depends on yours, you’ll, in turn, benefit from ours. 

We provide multifaceted tools, resources, and support to ensure the success of our franchisees. For example, we have a dedicated Drafting Department that provides our franchise owners with custom design capabilities that cater to both basic and complex projects. 

We also support our franchisees through expert training, continuous support, and the comprehensive technology platform we’ve adopted to elevate efficiency. At Archadeck Outdoor Living, our mission is to help you gain the confidence you need across all operational aspects of your business so you can focus on providing expert service to clients in your community.

1. Drafting Design Support

Archadeck Outdoor Living drafting experts provide 3-D rendering capabilities that help clients visualize their home project before the construction process begins. Once a project is confirmed, the drafting team creates detailed plans drawn to local building code specifications, which are then submitted for permitting. 

We take pride in our construction details and ensure that all our building plans meet or exceed local building code requirements. Our clients can rest assured that their projects will be built to our exacting standards.

We offer these services for a nominal fee, much less than the cost of having the drawings produced locally. Our franchisees find these services a time-saving benefit and a welcoming differentiator from most competitors in their markets.

2. Comprehensive Training Programs

At Archadeck Outdoor Living, our comprehensive training program is designed to support your success in each of the four key operating systems that form the basis of our business model. These systems are Marketing and Lead Generation; Design, Pricing, and Sales; Construction and Production Management; and Business and Financial Management. 

The Archadeck University initial training program is conducted by our team of franchise support professionals and is offered through various channels. These include classroom training at our Richmond, VA headquarters facility, field training in your local market, web-based training sessions (both recorded and interactive), mid-year meetings with fellow franchisees, and our Annual Meeting, usually held in January or February. Results support that our training program reduces the learning curve and promotes long-term success. 

Moreover, our training opportunities don't end there. During your first year of operation, you can expect multiple field visits from the Archadeck Outdoor Living corporate support team to ensure that you're utilizing the available tools, products, and services effectively. 

3. Marketing and Branding Support

Archadeck Outdoor Living is renowned for our successful business development strategies and lead generation techniques. Our tactics include grassroots marketing, referral marketing, home and garden shows, print advertising, and traditional lead generation techniques such as targeted direct mail. To maintain a strong local presence on the internet and across inbound and social media marketing platforms, we’ve developed an online strategy for our franchisees, equipping them with the necessary guidance and tools.

Our marketing support team comprises experienced professionals who assist our franchisees in developing their annual marketing plans. We tailor our approach to suit each franchisee's specific marketplace, identifying the right tactics and strategies to adopt. Our team is committed to staying up-to-date with new advertising and marketing opportunities, so our franchise system is always at the forefront of new marketing strategies without requiring any research on the part of our franchisees.

4. A Proprietary Technology Platform

Archadeck Outdoor Living’s suite of proprietary technology tools supports efficient daily operations for your business. It includes a full enterprise service platform with accounting integration, pricing tools, field operations, a client relationship management (CRM) system, and more. These resources allow you to manage your day-to-day workflow, from the first client call to implementing marketing strategies to invoicing and collecting receivables.

Our robust technology platform equips you with the following resources:

  • A versatile and advanced website tailored to your location
  • Automated lead generation from both the Archadeck Outdoor Living national website and your local site
  • A web-based CRM system for lead tracking throughout the sales journey
  • Online pricing and estimating tools for seamless quoting
  • A digital marketing hub offering instant access to a plethora of marketing materials and digital assets
  • Web-based customer survey capabilities
  • An interactive forum facilitating discussions and idea exchanges among Archadeck Outdoor Living franchisees

5. Financial and Operational Guidance

Franchising with Archadeck Outdoor Living offers a significant advantage: leveraging best practices from across our franchise network to optimize your local operations' profitability and efficiency. Through comparative analysis, you can gauge your location’s financial performance against peers within our system, with our franchise support team guiding you to pinpoint areas for operational enhancements.

This comprehensive report furnishes benchmarking data across key categories, empowering you to assess your business's financial health:

  • Gross and net profit margins
  • Expense management, including materials, labor, and overhead
  • Owner compensation and business profitability
  • Employee productivity
  • Asset productivity, such as cash utilization

This data serves as a strategic tool for Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise owners and our support team, aiding in goal setting, priority establishment, and bottom-line improvements. Additionally, it informs annual budgeting, long-term business strategies, and facilitates capital acquisition through banking relationships.

6. Peer Network and Community

When you join our brand, you instantly become part of our extensive franchise partner network. This network, which comprises seasoned business owners, is dedicated to helping you navigate the learning curve as a new franchisee, making your journey smoother and more efficient.

As pioneers in the outdoor living sector, we possess a wealth of expertise and knowledge in designing and constructing outdoor structures with excellence. Many in the industry have tried to replicate our processes and technologies, but none can fully replicate the Archadeck Outdoor Living experience.

You can rely on your fellow franchisees for invaluable advice, guidance, and support. With firsthand experience and a shared commitment to success, they understand the challenges you face and are eager to assist you every step of the way.

7. Dedicated Support Teams

As part of your journey to business ownership with Archadeck Outdoor Living, you'll gain access to a variety of specialized support teams. During your inaugural year of operation, our corporate support team will make field visits to ensure your effective utilization of available tools, products, and services. The dedicated members of Team Archadeck Outdoor Living are consistently available to address queries and offer continual assistance and support. We're united in this endeavor and are committed to your success, providing you with all the resources necessary to thrive.

Empowering Franchise Success

At Archadeck Outdoor Living, we specialize in assisting franchisees in facing and overcoming industry hurdles to achieve success. Through an array of multifaceted tools, resources, and support systems, we empower our franchisees to thrive. From custom design capabilities provided by our dedicated Drafting Department to expert training, continuous support, and a comprehensive technology platform, we are committed to equipping our partners with the confidence and competence needed to excel across all operational facets. 

Construct Your Own Success Story: seize the nails and hammer out your future with an Archadeck Outdoor Living home renovation franchise. Reach out today to learn more!

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