Moe Meagher said goodbye to the software industry 11 years ago to become an Archadeck franchisee. Starting a business from scratch- and- trading a keyboard for deck boards- was quite a change. But, Moe says that the Archadeck franchise made the transition work.

Moe’s Archadeck business grew gradually, but steadily, after he left the corporate world. Four years ago he decided he was ready to take a leap. He added a Case remodeling franchise business to reduce the seasonality while enjoying an additional revenue stream. Located in Nova Scotia, where the outdoor living season is decidedly compact, Moe found that the new Case projects were the perfect way to stay busy year round.

When asked why he chose another franchise rather than trying to launch an interior remodeling company on his own, Moe said: “I guess you could say that Archadeck and Outdoor Living Brands spoiled me. Their World Class support team and services made me a firm believer in the franchise business model. I like having efficient systems in place from the start. I certainly, did not want to deal with a steep learning curve and I felt a franchise could dramatically flatten that hill.”

“Plus, I appreciate the power of a strong brand. I don’t have the extra time, money or expertise to build a brand platform. With Archadeck, the brand equity was already there. Potential customers instantly recognize what my business stands for because I’m part of a respected national brand.”

“The synergy and cross-promotional opportunities with the two complimentary business models were great. Initially, when I sent out announcements to my existing Archadeck clients sharing the news of my new Case Design/Remodeling venture, I had a lot of new projects coming in from my clients. As time went on, I started getting Archadeck business from my Case customers as well. Making me the one stop call for any design or remodeling needs.”

We asked Moe if he had any advice for remodeling contractors looking to diversify their business by adding a new business, he replied: “I’d say go with a proven performer. A franchise such as Archadeck has all the systems in place for you. You don’t have to come up with your own process. You are able to skip the trial-and-error of starting from scratch. To me, it’s a no-brainer.”

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