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Launching an Archadeck franchise is an exciting adventure for all entrepreneurs. One of the biggest assets you will soon discover is the World Class Support team we have in place ready to help you with the launch and growth of your Archadeck location. Are you ready to meet your team?

Executive Leadership

Chris Grandpre – Chariman and CEO of Outdoor Living Brands
Mr. Grandpre serves as chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Outdoor Living Brands, a company dedicated to franchising leading brands within the outdoor living market. As Chairman and CEO of Outdoor Living Brands, Mr. Grandpre sets strategic direction for the company, including growth through franchise operations, acquisitions, new business ventures, and fostering a corporate culture of innovation and service.

Prior to the formation of Outdoor Living Brands in 2008, Mr. Grandpre served as president of Archadeck since late 2005. Before joining Archadeck, he worked for the consulting firm Accenture, CFC, and two investment banking and merger and acquisition advisory firms, BB&T Capital Markets and Matrix Capital Markets Group, Inc. During his career, he has served in an advisory capacity on more than $500 million of corporate transactions including corporate sales, acquisitions, divestitures and both public and private market equity and debt financings.

Mr. Grandpre has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s of business administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. Mr. Grandpre resides in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife, Susan, and three children.

Scott Zide – Chief Operating Officer and VP of Archadeck
As COO of Outdoor Living Brands, Mr. Zide manages day-to-day operations of the business.

Mr. Zide began working with OLP in 2000 as a franchise owner in St. Louis, Missouri, having spent several years as a franchise owner in the restaurant industry. In 2002 he was hired by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Franchise (OLPF) as a consultant to help support new franchisees, leading to a full-time position as director of franchise support.

In June 2004, Mr. Zide and his wife, Erin, sold their OLP St. Louis location in preparation for a move to Charlotte, where he assumed the role of vice president of OLPF. During his tenure with OLP, he helped to dramatically grow the company, with primary responsibilities that included the day-to-day management of operations as well as long term strategic planning. Mr. Zide also co-founded Mosquito Squad in 2005, which was acquired by Outdoor Living Brands and has grown from 17 locations at the time of acquisition to over 175 locations today.

Mr. Zide graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in business management. He resides in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife and two children.

Corey Schroeder – Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
As vice president and CFO of Outdoor Living Brands, Mr. Schroeder is responsible for the financial reporting and management of the business, assisting franchisees to evaluate the financial performance of their businesses, overseeing franchise compliance matters, and working to support the strategic direction of the company.

Prior to the formation of Outdoor Living Brands, Mr. Schroeder served as Vice President and CFO of Archadeck since 2006. His experience before joining Archadeck included a position in the corporate treasury department of CarMax, a Fortune 500 retailer of used automobiles. Mr. Schroeder also spent several years in merger and acquisition investment banking at Matrix Capital Markets Group, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia. During his investment banking career, he served in an advisory capacity on many transactions including corporate sales, acquisitions, divestitures and private equity and debt financings.

Mr. Schroeder has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance from the University of Richmond and a master’s degree in accounting from the College of William and Mary. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Mr. Schroeder resides in Richmond, Virginia, with his wife, Jessica, and their two children.

Michael Reeder – Vice President and Brand Leader
As Brand Leader, Michael Reeder is responsible for the day to day operations of the Archadeck franchise system. His responsibilities reside in the coaching, training and mentoring of existing and new franchisees as well as monitoring the growth of the Archadeck system. He also leads the franchise recruiting processes in selecting viable candidates to venture into Archadeck.

Mr. Reeder began his career as an Archadeck franchisee in Columbus, Ohio after working in the hospitality business for 15 years with Hyatt Hotels. He began his entrepreneurship with Archadeck in August, 2001 and successfully grew the business to $2M annual revenue by end of 2015. Michael received the “Presidents Award” in 2012 for outstanding franchisee of the year, served as Midwest Regional President for 2 terms, served on the Strategic Advisory Board and on many franchise committees during his tenure. In early 2016, Michael sold his business and took on the new role of Brand Leader for Archadeck.

Michael’s expertise in sales, operations management and business management made him the candidate of choice to elevate Archadeck to higher levels. Mr. Reeder graduated with a degree in Business Management from the University of Houston and resides in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Carol and their 2 boys, Jacob and Kyle.

Drafting and Construction Support

Victor Weaver – Director of Construction and Drafting

Victor joined the Outdoor Living Brands team in March of 2003. He serves as the leader of the Construction and Drafting team at Archadeck. His primary responsibility is overseeing the development, delivery and quality of the construction drawing documents prepared for projects being coordinated by Archadeck franchisees. He also consults daily with franchisees and their staff on project design challenges and solving construction problems encountered in the field.

Victor has been in the residential construction field for most of his life. The combination of his field experience as a carpenter mixed with his degree in engineering provide him with the knowledge and tools to support Archadeck franchisees in design and construction for over twelve years.

Matt Gwaltney – Drafting Team Leader

Matt joined Archadeck Outdoor Living in 1995 as currently serves as the teams Drafting leader. Matt assists Archadeck franchisees each day by offering support and assistance with construction and engineering support. Matt also assists the drafting team by providing sketches and structural proposal’s in order to maintain the job flow for each Archadeck Outdoor Living office. This allows the Archadeck franchisees to easily and efficiently provide the best in client service. Matt also assists with the new franchisee training and leads some of the Archadeck University training seminars.

As the Team Leader for the drafting department, Matt also oversees the Drafting Database Information Forms and aids in the construction process. Matt monitors each sold project through the Archadeck Outdoor Living pre-screening procedure and the drafting omissions check to ensure each Archadeck job is sent to the franchisee correctly and most importantly, in a timely manner.

Matt also assists Victor Weaver in ensuring accurate updates for building and residential codes on an as needed basis since this information changes yearly.

Jonathan Duke – Drafting Team Leader

Mr. Duke joined the Outdoor Living Brands team in March of 2006 and serves as a Draftsman for Archadeck Outdoor Living. He uses 3D rendering software to create spitting image pics of exactly what the customer wants which are eye-popping. Architectural drawings are one of the many talents in the mix, but he also supports our franchisees and does engineering. Franchisees call him with questions other than the basics, which tend to lead to brain-picking. Mr. Duke uses a wide range of mathematics to do designs for columns, footings, and bracing. Calculations are done by using statics to prevent our projects from uplifting

Paul Weimer – Draftsmen

Paul joined the Outdoor Living Brands team in April 2013 and serves as a valued member of the Archadeck Outdoor Living drafting department. Paul spends each day assisting Archadeck franchisees by creating architectural drawings for permitting and construction. With the use computer aided software to design decks, pergolas, and room additions using engineered calculations ensuring the correct spans and loads to meet and exceed building codes in each market throughout North America.

Prior to joining Outdoor Living Brands, Paul worked in the commercial construction industry for 8 years a project manager, providing him with experience and expertise to better serve each and every Archadeck franchisee.

Paul and his wife Bobbi, reside in Richmond, VA with their three boys and two dogs.

William Blunt – Draftsmen

William Blunt joined Outdoor Living Brands in 2013 and serves as a member of the Archadeck Drafting Team. As with each member of the team Bill is responsible in developing through the use of our CAD software, SoftPlan, complete plans for use in construction of a variety of projects. After sales drawing have been approved by a Franchisee we then structure the decks and other structures to meet the Archadeck Standards, individual Franchisee Standards and local building code Standards. In reality many of the projects are one of a kind custom projects with their own criteria to be evaluated. The structure design involves determining the most efficient column and framing combination which in turn delivers cost effective design of an above industry standard Archadeck project. Factors to be considered vary from projects yet we have some of the same elements with each project. These factors to be considered include frost depth, height of structure, grade of lumber, type of decking material and type of house attachment. We as the team rely on good communication from the Franchisee in conveying the components of their projects utilizing the Project Transmittal. The transmittal is intended to convey an array of information from Level of Service, Decking Selection, Requested Structure type and also includes details of minor components such as the height of a plant planter. The completed Transmittal along with the Sales drawing are vital components and ensure efficient design and help deliver professional plans for what the Franchisee intends to build.

Monica Vaughan – Production Coordinator

Monica Vaughan joined Archadeck in 1991 as the shipping and receiving clerk. Ms. Vaughan also provided adminstrative support to the franchise development and marketing teams during her tenure as the shipping and recieving clerk. Ms. Vaughan was promoted in the late 90’s and joined the accounting department, providing administrative support to the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer. As the Archadeck Outdoor Living franchise system continued to grow, Ms. Vaughan was promoted to serve as the Production Coordinator for the growing Drafting Team. Today, Ms. Vaughan provides franchisee support by logging and tracking sold projects for the entire Archadeck franchise system. Ms. Vaughan also provides contract auditing and general support duties to the drafting and accounting departments for all Archadeck franchise offices.

Operational and Marketing Support

Spencer Monroe- Director of Franchise Support

Spencer joined Archadeck Outdoor living in July of 2013. As the Director of Franchise Support, Spencer dedicates the majority of his time assisting new franchisees as the launch and grow their new franchise. Much of his assistance begins with each new franchisees pre-training field visit where he helps them prepare for their upcoming Archadeck training and walks them through the licensing and permit processes in their local markets.

Additionally, Spencer also focuses much of his time on the financial aspects of running an Archadeck franchise and is spearheading Archadeck’s financial tracking program ensuring the continued growth and development of each Archadeck franchise.

Most importantly, Spencer also identifies ways to further assist the development of the Archadeck system identifying new Archadeck Business opportunities, technology tools and training services.

Spencer is a graduate of Virginia Tech and lives in Richmond, VA with his golden retriever, Mr. Miyagi.

Ed Repak- Director of Design & Pricing

Ed started his career with Archadeck Outdoor Living Brands in the Construction & Drafting department in 1989. His role grew as the business grew and he spent many years as the Director of Construction & Drafting transitioning into a support role as a trainer and field consultant with Archadeck. Ed now serves as the brands Director of Design & Pricing. His current responsibilities include the training of new franchisees and design consultants focusing on the design, construction, pricing aspects of the Archadeck University training program. Additionally, Ed also assisted in the development of Archadeck’s proprietary estimating tool “Tally”.

Ed spends the majority of his time consulting with offices throughout North America on design, construction, estimating and operations through one-on-one web based training, and field visits each year.

Prior to becoming a part of the Archadeck Outdoor Living team, Ed attended the Architecture program at Penn State University and was a self-employed Design/Build remodeler with a focus in carpentry, roofing, and masonry.

Ed is always a phone call or email away ready to jump and help you grow your Archadeck operation.

Larry Spada – Brand Strategist at Outdoor Living Brands
In his position, Mr. Spada spearheads the brand personality efforts in creating a multi-brand franchise channel for the company, including Archadeck, Mosquito Squad, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Renew Crew.

Prior to the formation of Outdoor Living Brands, Mr. Spada served as director of brand marketing and lead generation for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives where he was responsible for the rebranding of the company, national advertising activities and the creation of a Lifestage Direct Mail methodology. Mr. Spada brings more than 25 years of marketing experience to Outdoor Living Brands, having worked with some of the country’s leading brands, including Bank of America, FedEx, Jack Daniels, Mayo Clinic and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Mr. Spada’s work experience includes tenures with several well-respected advertising and marketing agencies, including Adworks, Interactive Direct Marketing and Spada Advertising, companies that he founded and operated, as well as Wray Ward and iXL Enterprises, both in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A graduate of Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, Mr. Spada resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife, Laurel. They have two grown children.

Jody Wetherill – Brand Marketing Manager

Jody Wetherill is the Brand Marketing Manager for both Archadeck Outdoor Living and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Ms. Wetherill provides training and serves in an ongoing consultative role for Archdeck Outdoor Living and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives franchisees. She leads all marketing projects that impact the brands nationally and helps identify, develop and support local programs that supplement national activities to achieve sales and profit objectives and build the brand. She also serves as the spokesperson for both brands serving as host in video marketing collateral.
Before joining Outdoor Living Brands in 2013, Ms. Wetherill served as Director of Marketing at Give More Media, Inc. ( where she developed and executed both online and offline marketing strategies. While there, online pay-per-click campaigns increased sales revenue by 441%.

Ms. Wetherill also served as Area Marketing Director of Chick-fil-A, where she represented and worked closely with the Richmond area Chick-fil-A Operator (franchisee) group directing all of their area marketing efforts. She developed and executed the area marketing plan and managed all of the brand’s public relations and special event efforts.

Ms. Wetherill has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Lake Superior State University. She resides in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, three children and golden retriever.

Jane Campbell – Inbound Marketing Manager

Ms. Campbell joined the Outdoor Living Brands team in January of 2009 and serves as Inbound Marketing Manager for Renew Crew, Archadeck Outdoor Living, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Mosquito Squad and Conserva Irrigation. With robust knowledge of the online environment, Ms. Campbell spearheads the overall inbound strategy for the company. She evaluates different opportunities and consults with franchisees as they build their online presence for their business. Ms. Campbell assists franchisees in all aspects of inbound marketing including website and search engine optimization, social media, and pay-per-click advertising. In addition, she monitors the inbound marketing space to regularly identify new tools and tactics as the online marketing arena tends to change frequently.

Steve Nguyen – Graphic Designer

Mr. Nguyen is Outdoor Living Brands award winning graphic designer. Mr. Nguyen has a firm belief that graphic design is much more than how something looks, but just as importantly, what something is trying to communicate. He utilizes a diverse art background to create compelling ways to use concept, color, composition, photography, typography and other media to create clear, successful projects. Mr. Nguyen holds a Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design from Fredonia State University of New York.

Alex Waterfield – Accounting Manager

As Accounting Manager, Mr. Waterfield is responsible for the accounting processes and preparing the financial statements for Outdoor Living Brands. While Mr. Waterfield’s main focus is helping prepare and analyze the financial statements for Outdoor Living Brands, helping to prepare and analyze benchmarking information across the franchise systems and answering accounting questions for franchisees is also a core part of his duties.

Amanda Berdeen – IT Training, Support & Development

Ms. Berdeen serves as our IT Support Specialist and is one of the valued members of our Outdoor Living Brands Technology Support team. Ms. Berdeen will assist you in implementing the Renew Crew technology platform. The technology platform currently includes Google Apps, the Performance Center, Quickbooks Online, and Service Minder. With a strong background in customer service coupled with her IT experience she is thrilled to be able to combine these skills to work with franchisees.

Natalie Nguyen – Franchise and Accounting Coordinator

Ms. Nguyen joined Outdoor Living Brands in 2014 as our Franchise and Accounting Coordinator. Ms. Nguyen is one of the four valued members of our accounting support team and is always available to support our franchisees with any and all day-to-day accounting questions. She also is responsible for processing payments and royalties and assists with our franchise administration and compliance efforts.

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