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Our Process

The Archadeck Process is what makes the Archadeck Difference. Learn about what you can expect when you work with Archadeck Outdoor Living and the steps we take to ensure you have an exceptional experience when you work with us. Period.

Archadeck The Substantial Difference – Episode 1
The Archadeck Client Experience

In the first episode of Archadeck The Substantial Difference, you will meet the Bravman family and see the unlikely way they connected with Ben Wood from Archadeck Outdoor Living who designed and built their custom deck. Hear first hand about their experience with Archadeck and how their project got their neighbors thinking about a project of their own.

Archadeck The Substantial Difference – Episode 2
The Archadeck Design Consultation

Meet the Bravman’s next door neighbors who called Archadeck after seeing the Bravman’s Archadeck designed and built project. You’ll see their free design consultation take place and hear from the homeowners as they share with Ben Wood their desires for greater functionality and use of their entire outdoor space.

Archadeck The Substantial Difference – Episode 3
Tear Down & Build

See an actual Archadeck project begin with the meticulous tear down of an existing deck structure. Learn how weather can play a role in the construction process and hear the homeowners thoughts as the old structure comes down. The tear down will make room for a new, custom designed Archacheck project, which features a multi-level raised deck, patio and outdoor living space.

Archadeck The Substantial Difference – Episode 4
The Reveal

Archadeck has completed the project and the homeowners are celebrating with a deck “warming” party. Watch as their friends and neighbors see their new deck and outdoor living space for the first time and hear what they and the homeowners think about the finished project and their experience working with Archadeck.

How To Choose A Building Contractor

Whether you’re planning to build a porch, patio, sunroom or the backyard of your dreams, choosing the right contractor for the job is the most important step you’ll take. It’s easy to choose the right contractor for your outdoor living space when you know what to look for and we’ve created a guide to help you do just that. Watch this short video and learn the key things you’ll want to look for (and ask!) when you begin your search.

Deck Safety

Every year we hear of a tragic deck collapse that in many cases could have been prevented. At Archadeck, we recommend periodic deck safety inspections. See an actual deck safety inspection take place in this short video. We’ll walk through our BE SAFER safety check points to determine whether the existing deck should be repaired or replaced.

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