Franchisee Testimonials

  • It's impacted our life tremendously. [...] Financially, it's allowed us to do things that we weren't able to do before. With the flexibility to set my schedule, I can take time off, or put in extra time as I see fit or as we need.
    - Kyle Faulkner
    Archadeck Raleigh/Durham
  • The one thing that I've always taken away from our business is wanting to make aa difference in other people's lives. I believe that what we do, as a custom outdoor living specialist, is bring families together, bring people together, and that is one of the biggest reason why I love what we do. You are tapping into that emotional side for people, creating spaces for families to gather.
    - David & Kristen Berryhill
    Archadeck - Chicagoland
  • We're a new family, and we're a young family. [...] In June, we are going to have three kids three and under. So, it's very important to us to have the balance and to be able to pick up the phone and call somebody and a real person answer the phone to help us with whatever question we may have.
    - Russell and Maegen Henderson
    Archadeck of Nashville
  • I needed something to keep me engaged, keep me challenged. I wanted to leave my corporate job and start my own business so I could have a flexible schedule.
    - Maurice Meagher
    Archadeck - Nova Scotia, Canada
  • The professional aspect of the support behind us [at Archadeck] has evolved significantly in the past seven years. They have some of the best training I've ever been through.
    - Harold Cross
    Archadeck - Central Iowa
  • I think one of the things I enjoy most about being an Archadeck franchisee is helping people change the way that they use their home and change the way that they enjoy their home and spend time with friends and family. {...} The great thing about Archadeck is that we can pull from this collective pool of wisdom of thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of projects that have been completed from across the country. Just knowing that whatever these home owners want to achieve, it can probably be done. But being with Archadeck puts me in the best position to make it happen.
    - Ben Wood
    Archadeck - The Foothills, Colorado

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