As a franchise recruitment consultant it is always such a pleasure and joy to announce when we bring on new franchisees. But as I sit here writing today it is rewarding to reflect on our newest franchisees journey. Back in January, I had the pleasure of meeting a husband and wife team in Richmond for their Confirmation Day. Our team loved the couple and we knew they would not only make wonderful franchisees but also great ambassadors for the Outdoor Living Brands code of values. The couple knew Archadeck Outdoor Living was the right business opportunity not only to assist them meet their lifestyle goals but also their professional goals of business ownership. Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t quite right and they needed some additional resources to ensure they could properly launch an Archadeck franchise.

As new business owners they made a very strategic and smart decision by the delaying the signing of their franchise agreement. On one hand they knew the territory may not be available and did not want to loose the opportunity but on the other they knew it would not only do harm to them but the Archadeck brand if they were to launch prematurely. We were all thrilled when we recieved the call saying they had finished crosses their t’s and dotting their i’s and were now ready to license the Archadeck franchise. The two are currently attending training here in Richmond, VA and look forward to launching their Archadeck franchise in the beginning of 2015.

Joining our friends in the Archadeck University classroom this week is Dirk D. all the way from Baton Rogue, LA. Dirk came across the Archadeck franchise opportunity on one of the franchise portals. He found the concept unique and interesting and felt like the concept was a good fit for his passion for the outdoors and his building and sales skills. After learning about the brand, Dirk continued his search and began reviewing our websites to take a closer look at the Archadeck franchise system, our parent company and our World Class sister franchises.

It was then when I also received a call from Dirk, I knew immediatly that Dirk was a serious prospect and was thrilled with his enthusiasm and blown away at how well he knew our brands and the process. Throughout that first day, Dirk and I had several conversations regarding the brand and our education and discovery process. Each call he seemed more and more excited to continue on to the next step. Dirk was an ideal candidate for myself and fellow recruiter, Tricia Charles. He was always prepared for each follow up call and spent a great deal of time preparing and researching to ensure that he had all of the information needed to make sure an Archadeck franchise was the right brand for him.

After his Confirmation Day visit we all knew that Dirk was the perfect fit for the Archadeck and Outdoor Living Brands family. We are thrilled to welcome Dirk and our friends from Nashville to the Archadeck franchise system!

If you have ever considered franchising with Archadeck Outdoor Living or would like to learn more, please call us today! We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how an Archadeck franchise could be the opportunity you are

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